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Trix and Trax what we stand for

“TrixandTrax discovers and develops talents through live events that generate engaging digital content and incubate influencers” Discover your Talent Show your Talent Develop your Talent Push your limits… TrixandTrax Life skills learning through talent nurturing With more than 28 events We promote self-belief and self-improvement We motivate seed talent by bringing an audience to them […]


Que dice la peeeople!! Acá les dejo el primer challenge, espero que les re-que-te gusssste, dale manita arriba si te gusta Disssney. Comenta que tal te pareció!! #SomosMuySalvajesParaEsto SUUUUUUUSCRIBETE!!! xo xo Mi instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dayilv/ @Jarsandres – https://www.instagram.com/jarsandres/ @luciiarodriguez – https://www.instagram.com/luciiarodriguez/ @Alexandrahernandezd – https://www.instagram.com/alexandrahernandezd/

Speedy Products In data a bride Around The Uk

A recently available survey that had been done on Russian ladies world wide web dating sites created precisely what is the news that nearly 20-25% of Euro for women who live a young child shut off their earliest marriage. Chances to have partnered to get these Euro girls for your next soon enough their own […]

Súper Héroes TrixandTrax Challenge – Black Beatles – Gucci Mane

Parte de los Súper Héroes Trixandtrax !