The Trix and Trax why

“TrixandTrax discovers and develops talents through live events that generate engaging digital content and incubate influencers”

Discover your Talent
Show your Talent
Develop your Talent
Push your limits…

Life skills learning through talent nurturing

With more than 28 events
We promote self-belief and self-improvement
We motivate seed talent by bringing an audience to them
We overcome barriers with our “Super Heroes program” –
We use social media as an encouragement system

“I love to dance but my shyness kept me from dancing in public.
Thanks to Trix and Trax I decided to overcome my fear, won the 1fs price, and develop a social media following”. Dayana López

“Thanks to the Super Heroes program I got the support to overcome stigmas around the dance culture. This has giving me the opportunity to teach and motivate others through dancing.”
Luis “junior” Alarcón

Sport – TRIX
Music – TRAX

And much more

Help us impact more teens be part of their success!

Life skills learning through talent nurturing

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