TrixandTrax Super Hero Talent Program

Lissette Rojas Co-founder and CEO at Trix and Trax said: “We’re so pleased to have been selected again this year for the Super Hero Talent Program adaptation of our “Peer to Peer learning methodology” into the classroom as one of HundrED’s 100 global innovations. The Super Hero Talent Program was created to ensure each student discovers who they are? what they want?, their passions and their talents in a unique fun, experience and engaging way where each class is now an event where the students are the STAR. Using our “Peer to Peer Methodology” where peers teach and learn from each other, learn by doing, learn to learn. Peers play roles and co-evaluate each other and auto-evaluate each role and performance/presentation. inculcating Topes Values (T for Transparency, O for Originality, P for perseverance, E for empathy and S for Smile). The results: -develops socio-emotional skills like empathy, autonomy, critical thinking, leadership, creativity, -enhances communication skills, and the use of digital tools and technology -reinforces self-confidence, -reduce the fear of speaking in public and -empower the ability to Dream BIG.

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